Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Faint!

Don't faint because you are actually reading a blog post from me! haha! I've been busy, and lazy mostly. lol. But I wanted my Mom to see some pictures, so thus a blog post. I figured you all might like to see too!

We have been busy with life in general. Kids are so close to being done with school. Only 25 lessons left and in some subjects less than that. I'm anxious for them to be done as well. Of course, they are more anxious. We recently started three of the older kidso on piano lessons. So that is extra time for them, and Ben and I. Tom and Barb Needham's daughter, Sarah, just graduated with a major in piano, so she was happy to offer lessons. It is good teaching practice for her and of course great for my kids. They were so excited the night before that they couldn't sleep. Once I started buckling down on their practice time though, Emma came to me and said, "Mom, I don't really want to take piano. I just said that I did because I wanted to go to Uncle Tom's house." haha! I said, "Tough! I am making you and you will thank me for it later." On the day of their very first lesson, they came back all excited to tell me all about...piano?? No. They couldn't wait to tell me all about Goliath:

Now that is one big chameleon! Unfortunately, since then, Goliath has somehow escaped, so I guess I'll never get to meet him. :( lol!

Some other fun treats that our family has been able to enjoy lately:

Yummmmm... and also this:

Ben found these canned strawberries in town that came from Europe and they were so yummy. I made strawberry shortcake and what a treat!

The ministry is busy. This month is missions month and we have had different guest speakers on Sunday. Ben finishes off this Sunday with a message and we will be taking our Faith Promise committments. Praise the Lord, our church was able to support Pastor Felix this past year and we are praying that the committments will increase this year and we will be able to take on another national missionary.

I picked up my needle and thread again and tackled another pattern. Simplicity is supposed to be so simple...NOT! haha! I get so stumped on patterns, but with the help of YouTube and google I figured it out and made a dress for Emma. The material is pretty downright ugly, but it was a free gift from our insurance company here. I figured it was the perfect thing to practice sewing on. I wouldn't cry too much if I messed up. I even made buttonholes! Of course, Emma is thrilled no matter what the material looks like!

I think that is pretty much it for an update. We have our annual family conference in about three weeks, and we are pretty excited about that. We look forward to that every year. I will be sure to give you an update of our week when that is done. And by then, we will also be done with school. I still plan to spend an hour every day doing school work with the kids to keep them sharp. Our summer break will be longer than normal, and if we don't do some practice math facts and sentence diagramming, they will forget everything! And then we are of course looking forward to our furlough the beginning of July!


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